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Flat Screen TV Boxes

As our other specialty boxes, the flat screen TV boxes are designed by experts to ensure that maximum safety of your TV sets while in transit.  The packing of today's rather expensive flat screen TV monitors needs special attention.  As any other job the use of correct tool is crucial to succeed.  The corrugated flat screen TV boxes are specially designed to carry such monitors and are offered for monitors as small as 15" and as large as 70" . Regardless of what size your television set is categorized as long as it falls within that range, you're covered.  

Flat Panel TV Boxes

The Flat panel TV boxes are constructed from heavy duty corrugated cardboard boxes that may be utilized as LED TV Box, LCD TV Box or Plasma TV Box.  The TV boxes are adjustable to fit flat screen monitors of different sizes while leaving smallest void area in the boxes.   Although the toughness of flat panel TV boxes are very important but not adequate enough to ensure the protection of monitors throughout the transportation.  For ultimate packing of TV monitors use the of bubble roll wraps is especially encouraged.  Simply wrap the TV set with the bubble roll and secure the ends with packing tape and then carefully insert them into the flat screen boxes.  The flat panel TV boxes should be adjusted to tightly hug the monitors and closed securely with carton sealing tapes.

LCD TV Boxes

If these few easy steps are followed your flat screen LCD TV boxes will function rather well.  The other method is the cushioning of the LED TV set with a moving blanket or furniture pads and then securing the ends of the blankets with packing tape.  This requires extra care of handling and make sure not to put heavy or sharp objects on top of the moving blankets.  This is great for short distance moves and for do it yourself families who can carry the fragile TV monitors separately.  LCD TV boxes are cheap compared to a broken TV from improper packing and handling your fragile electronics.

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