How to Win at Horse Racing

How to Win at Horse Racing

Assessing Jockeys

A jockey’s relative ability becomes manifest in direct ratio towards the distance of the race. That‘s to mention, that one’s ability, or lack of them, assumes greater importance like the distance increases. Most apprentices possess the capability to interrupt a horse fast, which happens to be the prime requisite in sprint races. In consequence the majority of the wins are often acquired under such circumstances. In route races they usually don‘t fare also, certainly not because they‘re lacking in basic ability but because they‘re lacking inside the experience needed for properly gauging a race. A skilled booter won‘t only have the ability to correctly gauge the pace of the race, he will enable a front-running sprinter to reach a route.

UK Newspaper Horse Racing Tips

Refer to the UK’s Daily Mail. Select the first four non-handicap races of the day. In each of these races, you select the horse tipped by GOODFELLOW as long as it is not more than 6/1 in the betting forecast. If it is more than 6/1, use the selection of GIMCRACK. Enter all your bets onto one slip agen bola as follows:

Race 1; 1 point to win on SELECTION

Race 2; 1 point to win on SELECTION

Race 3; 2 points to win on SELECTION

Race 4; 4 points to win on SELECTION


Total outlay for this bet is 8 points plus tax. Strike rate is around eight winning days from every ten.

Spread Betting – Horse Racing

There is a tendency for the ‘Winning lengths’ market to be brought up when there is a lot of wet weather around. I’m not convinced this is justified. My reading of the way in which these quotes are framed is that the means are calculated with some of the ‘soft ground element’ within them at all times and in all weathers judi online. In other words, when the sun shines, think seriously about a sell and when it doesn’t steer clear.

Lightweights in Handicap Races

Lightweights win their share of handicap races and since they don‘t have the category of other contenders, frequently start at big prices. Those to explore are the ones whose overall form shows evidence of a chance to win, whatever the class of race during which they normally compete, even if they should Haven‘t performed well very recently. Two or three ‘1’s inside the six-digit form shown in many newspapers tend to be tell-tale signs of the possible big win off a coffee weight.


Explore horses whose previous outing was inside a handicap of similar importance or value, even if they should ran down the sector. Connections of that animals obviously fancy their chances for an enormous win. Things could have gone wrong in running last time, as well as horse might not have ‘fired’ as was hoped, but it might well pop up at an extended price once the betting public least expects it.

Standard Winning Percentages

Through the years horses going off as favourites have won approximately 33% from the time, while second choices, horses with subsequent lowest odds following the favourite, will win about 20% from the time, and third choices, subsequent down in send-off position, will win the race about 15% from the time agen bola online. Altogether, the highest three choices account for just below 70% of wins. Favourites will place a little over 50% from the time, while second choices place around 40% and third choices around 30%. Remember that these percentages have not changed much through the years, however it does not imply they‘re going to hold true over short periods on a specific track. If you wish this tip, you’ll find plenty more in How you can Win at Gambling.

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